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  1. This looks awesome. So proud at how far you’ve come and what you’ve done being diagnosed with such a horrible disease.

  2. Hi Kristen, You are one motivating Healthy Chick! I believe I heard about a cooking class you will be teaching through the Schecter Center? Is this correct? I am a busy working Mom of two always looking for “Quik and Easy” healthy recipes. Especially dinner.

  3. My son (Chris’s longtime friend) raved about your website so I had to visit. I was especially interested in the article on pistachios…the super food. I’ve since added them to my daily diet. Thank you for sharing all this information with everyone.

  4. So great to meet a fellow VEGAN. Your blog is great! You are giving a wonderful gift by spreading the word about health! Continue with your inspiring journey:)

  5. Hi i am from India. yoru article on soursoup is interesting. one of my niece is suffering from leukamia cancer. just want to know would soursoup willl be benefivial for her. thanks Akhil, M-09999114738

  6. Hi Kristen! Just wanted to let you know I love your blog and that I’ve nominated you for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award! You deserve it, your journey is so inspiring. Thanks for sharing and keep blogging!

  7. Hi Kristen, I couldn’t find your e-mail address but wanted you to know I finished my first full Ironman in Lake Tahoe last weekend…with your name on my shoes of course! Cyndi

  8. Hi Kristen, I just found your blogg via a smoothie recepy (how do you write this in English…?) on Pinterest.
    And, I hope your doing fine now. Keep up eating clean, sport and stay healthy! Wishing you the best all the way from The Netherlands. Sabina

  9. Hi Kristen, I just want you to know that I read The China Study and just finished my first week eating raw. I tried a few weeks ago and got a severe headache so I quit. This time no severe headache – just a minor one the first day – but I feel great. The biggest difference so far is the clarity in my skin. My face has never been so clear. Thanks for the motivation. I’ll keep you posted on how things are going. Hope all is well. Miss you here in NY!

  10. Glad to hear you are doing better!!! I’m so happy for you!!! btw, I made your raw taco recipe today, with the ‘nut meat.’ oh my goodness, it’s DELICIOUS!!!! i’m a vegetarian, and i can’t thank you enough for giving me a nut meat recipe that is so tasty!! my husband couldn’t even tell the difference!! 🙂 xo

  11. Hi Kristen! Just wondering if i could ask you a question… Throughout your journey, did you have any profuse sweating at all? My dad has a different situation all together, but just looking for information to help with that awful sweaty feeling of being damp, ‘hot-but-cold-feeling.’ Thanks dear!

    • My sweating has been due to hot flashes as a result of being thrown into menopause overnight with chemotherapy. I mostly have the hot flashes at night and so they have been controllable with fans and ac 🙂 I will let you know if I come across any info. on how to deal with your father’s situation. Good luck!

  12. Quick question. I’ve been plant based whole foods for about 2 years. I just developed a gallstone due to some medication I was on. I’m trying to heal my gallbladder and shrink my stone holistically (I see a naturopath doctor). I’ve been contemplating going raw, but it seems like there are a lot of nuts in everything. I know they are healthy fats, but I’m wondering if there’s anyway to incorporate them and not over tax my gallbladder with all the fat? Does soaking them help the body break them down easier? Or would you suggest waiting until my gallbladder is better?? Thanks for any suggestions you can give.

    • Yes soaking nuts makes them easier to digest. Your best weapon against gallbladder problems and gallstones is to keep your weight in check by eating a well-balanced diet that includes:

      Fiber-rich foods, such as whole-grain bread, brown rice, oats, and bran cereals
      Fresh fruits and vegetables
      (Lean meats, like chicken and fish and
      Low-fat dairy products…if you eat any meat or dairy)

      Some studies have found that eating nuts, such as peanuts and tree nuts (walnuts and almonds), may prevent gallstones. But remember to eat nuts in moderation because they have a lot of fat — healthy fat, but fat nonetheless.

      Foods to Avoid

      The following foods contribute to obesity, which can cause gallbladder problems or make them worse:

      Sugar, specifically refined sugars such as those found in cookies and snack foods
      Carbohydrates, like white bread and pasta
      Saturated fats found in fatty red meat, butter, and whole-milk dairy products
      Fried foods

      From everything that I have read and researched, unless you have a food allergy to nuts, they should not impact your gallbladder.

      Good luck

  13. Am starting another cancer journey and am now going to try some of your fabulous recipes. You are an inspiration!

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