Vegan Ice Cream with Toffee Topping

vegan ice cream

Summer just isn’t summer without the cool treat of ice cream.  This non-dairy, healthy version is so good that you will be craving more and even your kids will beg for your “special” ice cream.

Oh, and did I mention that it is super easy to make.


2 frozen bananas
2-3 Tablespoons almond butter or natural peanut butter
1/4 cup raw walnuts
1/4 cup non-dairy dark chocolate chips

Toffee Sauce

5 oz Lite coconut milk
10 dates
2 Tablespoons honey

vegan ice cream2


Whisk together the toffee sauce ingredients and put in container in refrigerator.  You can add more dates to make it the desired consistency.  You want a nice thick sauce like a caramel sauce.  It is also better to make the sauce ahead and keep it in the refrigerator over night.

Place the bananas is a food processor and process for several minutes.  It will go from being chunky banana pieces to being somewhat chalky to then becoming very smooth.  Add the almond or peanut butter and process again to mix in.

Add half of the walnuts and chocolate chips and pulse a few times to blend them into the ice cream.  Scoop into bowls and sprinkle on the remaining walnuts and chocolate chips and drizzle the toffee sauce on top.

The ice cream will be like soft serve ice cream.  You can also put it into the freezer for a while to harden up if you like.  Keep leftovers in the freezer (if there are any).


Choosing healthy living over dying 🙂


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