Kris Carr’s Wisdom to Help You Sleep Better

Sleep better

A good nights sleep is vital to our physical and mental well-being, but so many of us have difficulty getting to sleep, getting enough sleep, or staying asleep.  If you have high amounts of stress, anxiety and worries, medical problems, or annoying nocturnal animals 🙂 you can become sleep deprived and down right miserable!

I often wonder if my initial sleep problems were a hint toward something being “off” in my body and one of the red flags to my cancer diagnosis that I was unaware of at the time.  I had never had sleep problems up until I was about 40 and then I suffered with terrible sleep issues for a good three years until I found out about my cancer.  Since my diagnosis I have changed my diet, increased my physical exercise, and tried (sometimes with limited success) to lower my stress levels.  My sleep has improved and I hope that others who struggle with this issue will also be able to find some much-needed relief.

Certain foods that we eat and drink can contribute to our difficulty sleeping, like caffeine rich foods and alcohol. But did you know that there are also some foods that can help you get that much-needed sleep as well?  Kris Carr, an all around awesome individual, explains the circadian rhythms that regulate our sleep and describes how some foods promote serotonin production and others promote melatonin production.

Check out her very informative article which also has the Top 5 Food Tips for Better Sleep.

I was first introduced to Kris Carr and all her awesomeness when a complete stranger (at the time) and fellow Breast Cancer Sister gave me her book Crazy Sexy Cancer when I was newly diagnosed.  Since then I have followed her blog, followed her on twitter, watched her on numerous television shows, and read all of her books (diet, juice, cookbook, cancer books).  She is a wonderful inspiration not only to those with cancer but to anyone who needs a little lift now and then, a boost of self-confidence, or tips on eating and staying healthy. I highly recommend reading her books and following her blog if you do not already.

Choosing healthy living over dying 🙂


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