Nut Free English Toffee Squares

Ok, a quick update on me and why you haven’t heard from me lately before we get to the yummy recipe.

For all of November and the first week or two of December I was sick.  I mean really sick.  The barking chest cough, runny stuffy nose, body aches, felt like real crap kind of sick.  I really don’t get sick often thanks to my healthy eating and exercising, and if I do get a cold it usually only lasts a few days, but this one was something else.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the worst of what was going on with me.  I had my 6 month check up and blood work with my Oncologist and was pretty excited that I made it 6 months since my last visit (the longest I’ve gone since February of 2011).  To make a long story short, some of my blood work wasn’t looking good and so I had to have a CAT scan to make sure that the cancer wasn’t back or spread to other organs.  After dealing with insurance issues, having my Oncologist leave the state for a family emergency, and dealing with several facilities, I finally had the scan and received good news.

No tumors were found, just some more small nodules on my lung, and so we are not sure why my blood work is showing cancer cells floating around.  I will go back in 3 months for a follow up…and, fingers crossed it will all be good.

I’m no longer sick, stressed, or worried.  I’m feeling great so let’s get on to the English Toffee 🙂

This is not one of my original recipes.  I came across this recipe when I was being flooded by dessert recipes for the holidays and, being sick and under a great deal of stress, it caught my eye because of its simplicity.

Karolina Eleonora is a Swedish raw dessert chef, author and distributor of raw & super foods.  She has a blog, if you are interested in learning more about her and her ebooks & ecourses.


Below is the link to the Toffee recipe and Karolina’s Snack Smarter eBook as well as other great recipes.  All you need are dates, coconut oil, cocoa powder, vanilla (I even substituted vanilla extract for the real bean), and some sea salt.  The acai berry powder is optional and believe me when I tell you that this toffee is delicious even without it.

You may want to make a double batch as this one will get eaten up very quickly.


Choosing healthy living over dying 🙂


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