Thai Mac and Cheeze


Do you love Mac N Cheese?  Did you grow up eating the blue box (a.k.a. Kraft) brand at least once a week?  For some of you with kids (and even without), do you still love this comfort food but now that you are an adult feel guilty eating it?

My kids LOVE mac n cheese…no really, I mean LOVE it!  They could probably eat it every other night for dinner, if I let them, and alternated it with pizza 🙂  But, being the terribly mean mother that I am (which means I must be doing a good job), the old boxed brands that use motor oil…yes, motor oil, in the ingredients are off-limits.

So, I have been challenged to come up with a great tasting but also good for you mac n cheese.  I have made the regular white pasta (eeks) with cheddar cheese (yikes) homemade variety for the kids which is better than boxed with mystery ingredients but I still wasn’t able to eat it and had the “ugh….dairy and processed to death” guilt when I fed it to the family.

Then I stumbled upon this most amazing, delicious, easy to make, could really eat it every day, great for traveling and sharing (or eating all yourself) mac n cheeze from Lorimer Street Kitchen.

Jen lives in Brooklyn New York on Lorimer Street and she is obsessed with food like myself.  She has a wonderful blog filled with fabulous recipes.  Her recipes are mostly vegetarian/vegan and 100% delicious!

I just can’t emphasize enough how awesome this Tai Mac N Cheeze tastes and is so easy to make.  You can use whole wheat pasta, vegetable pasta, rice or gluten-free pasta, or even try it on zucchini pasta if you are avoiding grains altogether.  Trust me on this one, you won’t be disappointed.

Choosing healthy living over dying 🙂


6 thoughts on “Thai Mac and Cheeze

  1. Thanks for another recipe to try! We made Isa Chandra’s Roasted Red Pepper Mac & Cheeze the other night (recipe in her ‘Isa Does It’ cookbook, but also available on the Post Punk Kitchen site)… it was amazing and even tasted a bit like pizza. Figured I’d mention it. 🙂

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