30 Ways to Use Coconut Oil

If you know me personally or through following my blog, you know that I LOVE coconut oil! I go through jars and jars of the wonderfully versatile substance made from the goodness of a tropical seed that we mostly think of as a fruit.


Coconut oil is the first thing I put in my mouth in the morning (read my post on oil pulling), it goes on my skin as a moisturizer (and even can be used as a sunscreen), it is added in most of my desserts, and I use it to cook with as it doesn’t go rancid at high temperatures like most oils.

I even used it over the weekend to condition my daughter’s hair that is getting dried out from the hot florida sun and swimming pool.

Coconuts can alkalize your body by increasing your pH and also have natural electrolytes, so drink coconut water instead of sugary Gatorade when you need to increase your electrolytes and re-mineralize.

I could go on and on about ways to use coconut milk (can you say the BEST ice cream ever!), coconut water, and coconut flesh, but lets focus on the many benefits of coconut oil.  Read this great post by PETA and start using coconut oil throughout the day in your routine.


Choosing healthy living over dying 🙂

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