How Our Thinking Changes Over Time

Everyone knows that smoking is not good for your health and that it actually contributes not only to lung cancer but to other cancers and health problems as well.

Although many people choose to drink soda themselves over water and fresh fruit and vegetable juices, I don’t think most people would feel it is an appropriate beverage choice for a toddler or small child.

Because we are learning more each day about the negative impacts on our health from pesticides and chemicals, more people are choosing to eat organic foods and are avoiding foods grown with heavy pesticides.

But, take a look at some of these old ads that marketed DDT as being good for individuals, soda as helping small children fit in with peers, and even Doctors and Dentists endorsing smoking cigarettes.  They even believed heroin was an appropriate product to use for coughs in children.









Fast forward now 50 years and I believe that chemotherapy use will take on a similar astonished response.  It may be the protocol of choice and most widely used and accepted treatment of the time, but any Oncologist will tell you that it’s no “walk in the park,” and can even create more health problems.  We are a society that wants to pop a pill to fix all that ails them rather than find the source of the problem and change it.

Will diet, exercise, and other healthy living habits totally wipe out cancer and disease?  Probably not.  Will there, in the future, be no need for chemotherapy at all?  Probably not.  After all, people still smoke, still drink soda, and still eat Twinkies 🙂 with the knowledge that these things are negatively impacting their health.  But if we eat healthy now and take care of our bodies the chances of decreasing disease are real, and that may lead to a new outlook on how we also end up treating disease.

Just saying……

Choosing healthy living over dying 🙂


5 thoughts on “How Our Thinking Changes Over Time

  1. I have been a health but warrior for almost 20 years now. I have a huge organic garden, we eat only organic, grass fed, nothing processed, I even make our bread, and we juice regularly. We are active as a family and no one is overweight. I had a false sense of security and thought none of us would get seriously sick. We did everything right. My 19 year old son was recently diagnosed with testicular cancer. He had/has an impeccably clean diet and has for his entire life. Explain that. There are NO guarantees.

    • You are correct Kristie, there are no guarantees. I do agree that genes and DNA, environmental toxins, stress, and many other things contribute to disease and illness as well as diet. I also know that at times Western Medicine is necessary and can also work in conjunction with holistic approaches. I wish your son the best of luck and my prayers are with your family.

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