Work of Art Fruit Salad


Eating fruit is like a dessert or treat for me.  I would rather bite into a ripe, juicy, sweet, piece of fruit when I’m craving something sweet than grab cookies, cake, or other processed, sugary food that weighs me down or puts me in a sugar coma.

Eating fruit can also be fun and if you play with your food like I do, you can create works of art 🙂

Take this tasty little fruit salad I made this morning.  My refrigerator is loaded with fresh fruits and vegetables from the local produce market so with my morning green smoothie (which is almost all veggies) I decided to make a fruit salad.

Throwing all of the fruit into a bowl would suffice, but arranging it to make a colorful display and then topping it with a drizzle of raspberry balsamic vinegar just made it that much more tantalizing.

fruit salad

I simply arranged some colorful fruit on a plate and drizzled some raspberry infused balsamic vinegar from a local store, From Olives and Grapes, on top.   Using a sprig of mint, basil, or other herb as garnish adds a little spice to the fruit.

The possibilities are endless with what types of fruit you can use and designs you can make.  You can make little fruit salads that can be served as appetizers, side dishes, desserts, or snacks.

Once again, it’s quick, it’s easy, it’s healthy, and it’s delicious!

Choosing healthy living over dying 🙂


2 thoughts on “Work of Art Fruit Salad

  1. Fruit salads were my #1 favorite thing to have for breakfast as a little girl. I would delight in the variety of colors of the fruits and as for the sweet and juicy flavor party in my mouth… forget about it! I’d be running late for school because I’d insist on licking my bowl clean 🙂 I miss passion fruits the most (grew up in the tropics). Great post!

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