Natural Ways To Help Prevent Or Treat the Flu

This winter seems to be especially brutal for colds and the flu.  Hundreds of people are getting sick on cruise ships and while traveling, spreading illness through schools and offices, and generally just feeling down and out.

Getting a flu shot is a personal choice and whether you get one or not, there are natural ways to help build up your immune system to prevent getting sick and ways to lessen the symptoms and severity if you do become ill.

My personal wish for everyone is that they start building up their immune system now and prevent those nasty colds and illness from affecting you in the first place.

Here are just a few natural ways to stave off and fight the winter (and even summer) colds.



Reishi mushroom is the top herb in Chinese medicine.  It helps to boost your immune system, adapt to stress, and fight off colds.  You can take it in capsules or tincture form which you can add to smoothies, or you can buy the actual mushroom and boil it for 20 minutes to 2 hours.



We all know that Vitamin C is great for fighting against colds.  It is a wonderful antiviral, antimicrobial vitamin that increases interferon production which in turn interferes with the creation of viruses.  It is better to take Vitamin C alone than in a multivitamin because you may need up to 12 grams a day to really boost the immune system.



Garlic has the wonderful ability to be able to work site specifically.  This means that it can help in your lungs where the flu and pneumonia end up.  It can kill the bad bacteria inside of you while leaving the good bacteria alone.  It is best chopped up and eaten raw.  The longer you cook it, the less helpful it becomes.



Your body is made up of trillions of bacteria and 70% of your immune system is found in your gut.  Probiotics help to communicate with the immune system and tell it what to attack and what not to attack.



Ginseng has been shown in studies to be effective against preventing the flu.  It also has been shown to help quicken and lessen the symptoms of flu.  In tincture form you can add a few drops to your morning smoothie and fight colds before they even get a chance to start.


Here is a great immunity juice recipe that not only tastes wonderful but will also help you to not be one of the numbers of people that get the flu or other serious illness this winter.

4 carrots
1/2 beet
2 oranges
1 green apple
1/2 inch ginger

Cheers!  Be well everyone.

Choosing healthy living over dying 🙂


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