I’m offering a FREE 3-week online wellness class

I’m looking for my first class of students for a new 3-week online wellness class.  This will be a FREE, 3-week class to the first set of students who apply and are selected to participate.
Are you tired of feeling sluggish and having no energy?  Tired of being overweight and being unsuccessful at diet after diet?  Tired of telling yourself that this year you will start that exercise routine and then never follow through?  Tired of taking so many medications and still not feeling well?  Are you scared about what the future holds for your health?  Frightened by having young friends and relatives (or even yourself) diagnosed with serious illness?  Then travel with me on the journey to better health.
The Wellness Classes are not about a new diet, how to simply lose weight (although this is a benefit), or how to cure all of your health problems in three weeks.  They are classes designed to help you change your lifestyle and begin feeling healthier and happier, to heal, and to help you avoid illness through a series of educational presentations, homework assignments, and exercise and diet detoxification in an online group supportive environment.  The class will include weekly conference calls, handouts, assignments, recipes, and additional resources, as well as a private online forum offering support and the opportunity for everyone in the class to communicate and help one another.
Visit http://www.DrKristenBarry.com for details and learn how to sign up to be a part of this free class.  Feel free to share this post with friends and family members that may be interested and could benefit from this class.

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