Meet Brad Pit

That’s Pit with one t.  It’s my avocado pit that I’m growing into a tree.  I named my pit Brad and found that when named, I take a greater interest in my plants.  My kids may think I’m a little (okay a lot) crazy because I talk to Brad each day because plants are so amazing to watch grow.


After going to a friend’s house for a fourth of July celebration and seeing her beautiful avocado tree growing, I decided to grow one myself.  It’s very easy.  You just need a pit (not a problem here since I go through a half to one avocado a day in my smoothie), some water, and a glass or vase to put the pit in.

I actually found this vase, which is perfect, at a nice little shop in Vero Beach when I was strolling through the town with my husband.  I had just decided to grow an avocado tree and there was this vase.  Perfect timing and even on sale!

To grow your own tree, simply take an avocado pit (I used one of the bigger Florida avocado pits), wash it off, and stick it in a glass or vase so that it is half-submerged in water.  You can use any old cup and stick toothpicks in the pit to hold it up so that only half of the pit is under water.


Make sure that the slightly pointier end of the pit which is the top, remains outside of the water.  Place your cup or vase in a sunny spot and be patient.

I would check on Brad frequently and……..nothing.  Then the top of my pit began to dry out and turn black.  I thought that it just wasn’t going to grow, but then one day I saw the tiniest little root emerging from the bottom.  What joy!  I knew Brad would come through for me.

Once the roots started growing (after about 4-8 weeks) they grow pretty fast.  Make sure you keep the taproot (that first log root) submerged and wet at all times.  If it dries out the plant will die.  You do need to change the water every once in a while to prevent any mold, bacteria, or fungus from growing.


Now that Brad is tall enough it’s time for him to go to his new home in a pot with rich humus soil.  I can’t wait to watch him sprout more leaves and grow taller and taller.

FYI, if you do grow a tree, once the stem is 6 inches high plant it in a pot that is about 8-10″ in diameter and leave the top half of the pit exposed.  When the stem is about 12″ tall, pinch out the top two sets of leaves which will encourage the plant to grow side shoots and more leaves.  Repeat this every time the plant grows 6 more inches.  And remember, Brad and other pits like to sun bathe and soak up that vitamin D, so leave them in a sunny spot.

Hmmmm, once Brad has his new dirt home who will take his place in the vase?  So many famous Pitt’s to choose from…..Lauren, Michael, Ingrid, Harvey, Andrew, William, Gregory.  I guess it’s like having a baby, once you see them you just know which name is right.

Choosing healthy living over dying 🙂


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