Depression…even Death: More reasons to get rid of that soda you are drinking!


Did you know that drinking soda can increase your risk of becoming depressed by up to 30 percent?  Researchers have found that an increase in soda consumption over the past 50 years, especially diet soda, is associated with an increase in depression.  But you can’t blame it on caffeine because drinking coffee was tied to a slightly lower risk of depression.  It’s the sugar!

Sweetened beverages (now you can blame the coffee if you add all the sweeteners) increase your risk of mental and other health problems with only minimal daily consumption.  The percentage increases with the amount of sugary drinks you consume each day.  Oh yeah, and there’s always the dangerous chemicals and phosphoric acid that you are ingesting as well.

Still want your soda and white sugar?  Last year a study out of the University of Utah found that even a small amount of refined sugar consumption doubled the death rate of female mice.  The equivalent of three cans of soda a day showed a 100% increase in death rates for female mice.  Males don’t get off easy either.  They showed a sharp drop in male fertility and the male mice had an impaired ability to hold territory.


Don’t worry, I drink diet soda with aspartame instead of refined sugar….some may say, but the death rates are even higher with this “fake sugar.”

Drop the soda now!  While we are on the subject of sugar, remember that it is found not only in sugary drinks, but also in sugary cereals, candy, desserts, and hidden in foods like pizza and pasta sauce, salad dressings, even wheat bread.  Look on the label for things including: high fructose corn syrup, sucrose, fructose, dextrose, maltodextrin, as well as sugar.

When our bodies become nutritionally deficient from eating processed foods that remove the minerals and nutrients from them, we develop Diabetes, ADHD, and Cancer.  Cut the sugar out (or at least try to cut back), your body with feel and look better.

Choosing healthy living over dying 🙂


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