Top 10 “Scientific” Threats To Our Lives (reprinted from

I have blogged about many of these mentioned health issues and find Mike Adams, a.k.a. the Health Ranger, summary of the top 10 threats to our health very straight forward and informative.  Below are his articles reprinted from his Natural News Newsletter.

Mike states, “In the name of “evidence-based science,” we are all being killed by GMOs, vaccine additives, processed food chemicals and other threats to life on Earth.”

He goes on to state that he is not an opponent of “genuine, humble science and the search for answers in our universe, but what we’re seeing today is the mass poisoning of us all under the false label of science.”

In a special 10-part article series, he takes a look at the top 10 “scientific” threats to our lives:

#1) GMOs

#2) Vaccines

#3) Fluoride


#5)Food additives


#7) Chemotherapy

#8) Plastics

#9) Cosmetics

#10) Radiation

Be informed and make healthy changes to your lifestyle!

Choosing healthy living over dying 🙂


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