I love mangos!  Before moving to Florida almost three years ago I knew little about this delicious and miraculous fruit.  Today I want to share with you some information about mangos as we start to approach warmer weather and mango season.


Mangos are eaten all around the world.  They are not only used as food, but are also used by many cultures as medicine.  They contain vitamins A, C, D, B6, folate, other B vitamins, potassium, copper, amino acids and beta-carotene and are used to remove toxins from the body.  They also help treat anemia and heal the nervous system.

Mangos contain healthy nutrients and flavonoids that can help improve heart health by lowering blood sugar and lipid levels.  There is also some evidence that  it can prevent tumor growths in some cancers.

Here’s one for your teenager.  Mango pulp is added to many facial products because of its ability to prevent acne and clean pores.  They are also used to treat urinary tract infections.


It’s great that the mango is so healthy but I love it because it’s so delicious!  They are great to put in smoothies and stir fry.  Fresh mango salsa is delectable on a summer evening.  Try it with a mango margarita!  Blending mango and frozen banana with some shredded coconut to make ice cream is a great sweet treat.

Driving just minutes down the road from my house I pass several mango orchards and many houses in Florida have their own mango trees.  But, if you aren’t as lucky to be able to walk right up and pick your own fresh fruit, don’t worry, most grocery stores will sell fresh mango in the summer time and you can buy frozen mango chunks in the frozen fruit aisle.

There are dozens of varieties of mango and while I do like some better than others, there have not been any that I don’t like at all.  Mangos are tropical and unique in taste.  Some are stringier than others and some have larger pits and less fruit.  Make sure you wait until the mango is ripe and soft before cutting it and it will be sweeter and juicier.

Put trying some mango on your summer to do list.  Get creative and use them in summer recipes….you will be glad that you did.

Choosing healthy living over dying 🙂


One thought on “Mangos!

  1. Great post! You’re so lucky to live in Florida and have access to the fresh, ripe fruit– I live in New England and the mangoes they ship up here are never as sweet as what I can get when I visit family in Florida. Enjoy the bounty!

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