Thank You!

A big thank you to everyone who sent kind words and prayers my way as I ventured to New Orleans this past week for surgery #6.  I was sad to be away from my daughters during their spring break from school but grateful that I was finishing up my surgical journey.

The surgery went well and I have to thank all of the wonderful doctors and staff at the St. Charles Surgical Hospital and The Center for taking wonderful care of my husband and me while we were there.  Also a huge thanks to the American Cancer Societies Hope Lodge for housing me and giving me the chance to meet some other amazing women going through the same thing I have been going through.

I received terrific news while I was there.  My chest scan revealed the same lung nodules as the previous scan.  They did not grow or multiply which is such a relief.  Also, NO DRAINS!!!  The recovery for this surgery will not be as long as the previous one but I am pretty bruised up and sore.

I’m looking forward to getting back in the kitchen and trying some new recipes and posting some ongoing healthy living tips….so stay tuned while I get back in the saddle again with blogging.

Choosing healthy living over dying :_


2 thoughts on “Thank You!

  1. Dear Kristen,
    So glad you did get good news. I was so happy to hear from you so quickly. Hope your recovery process goes by as speedily.
    Looking forward to recipes too.

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