Getting Calcium in a Vegan Diet


How do vegans get calcium without consuming dairy products?  Well, it’s fairly simple, they eat lots of natural vegetables, seeds and nuts that contain calcium.

The body needs calcium which is stored in bones and teeth to carry out many functions.  Besides giving us healthy bones and teeth, calcium help muscles move and helps nerves carry messages between the brain and other body parts.  It also helps move blood through blood vessels.

There are many foods that contain calcium, as well as many other wonderful vitamins and nutrients.  Almonds and sesame seeds, which I eat daily, are great sources of calcium.  So is broccoli, collards, celery, avocados, onions, green beans, kale, spinach, swiss chard, cabbage and asparagus.  The lesser eaten prickly pear, okra, gooseberries and dandelion greens are also great sources of calcium.  Check out this chart that shows lots of things I like to throw in my smoothies 🙂


Not only is calcium great for your bones and to prevent osteoporosis, but it is also helpful in lowering high blood pressure.  Dairy, on the other hand, which most people think of as the needed source of calcium, actually causes mucus (which leads to respiratory problems) and is typically laden with hormones and pesticides from the cow feed.  Dairy is also acid-forming when metabolized and most dairy products are pasteurized to kill harmful bacteria but this process also kills the good vitamins, proteins, and enzymes.  Research also leads dairy products with arthritis.


Choose better ways to get your calcium than through milk and dairy products.  By eating lots of leafy greens and nuts you will also reap the many other benefits of these natural and delicious foods.

Choosing healthy living over dying 🙂


One thought on “Getting Calcium in a Vegan Diet

  1. I love almond milk! It is such a great alternative to cows milk, and I drink it a lot even though I’m not vegan. It tastes great in a quick smoothie, or on oats/breakfast quinoa. I think it’s quite funny that a lot of people don’t know how much vitamins and minerals your everyday veg contains, we need them!

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