Treating Asthma with Fruits and Vegetables

Well, I know that I was not shocked by hearing the recent news that you can treat children’s asthma naturally by feeding them a diet high in fruits and vegetables and also giving them probiotics and fish oil.  Hello, what have we been hearing all along.  A healthy plant-based diet can treat or even cure most illness and reduce the amount of harmful medications we are putting in our bodies.


A recent study conducted by the Department of Biochemical Science and Technology, College of Life Science, National Taiwan University in Taipei found that medication use was decreased and pulmonary function was significantly improved in a group of randomized asthmatic children aged 10-12 when they were given a fruit and vegetables concentrate along with a fish oil and probiotics supplement.

Other studies done in Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Germany and the United Kingdom (lots of places) found that a diet high in fast food may be leading to an increase in children’s asthma.  Hmmm…you think?  Along with other illness and obesity!

fastfood vs vegetables

What is interesting is that across all these countries and with studies done on all types of food, only fast food was associated with the development of asthma and allergies across all the age groups and in all the countries studied.  So, skip the drive through and go to the salad bar.  Better yet, skip eating out at all and save money by eating fruits and vegetables at home.  You may be saving more than just your money….you may be saving your child’s life.

Choosing healthy living over dying 🙂


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