Flu Shots, What You Should Know

Flu shots are recommended and encouraged by physicians every year but did you know that they are highly ineffective and even toxic to people?  They use artificial laboratory derived substances that get injected into your body in order to hopefully produce a long-term positive anti-body response.  However, what you are putting in your body with the flu shot includes: formaldehyde, aluminum, egg protein, antibiotics, human aborted fetal apparatus, MSG, and mercury!


The flu shots are actually linked to dozens of cases each year of brain damage and paralysis and many researchers believe that they are producing long-term health problems.  One researcher, a world-leading immunogeneticist has found that getting a  flu shot only 5 times increases your risk of getting Alzheimer’s by 10 times.

The flu shot has no guarantee that you will not get the flu.  There are a wide variety of flu strains and the shot cannot protect against all of them.  Plus, if your body is not able to adapt and respond correctly to the immunization, for example you are low in vitamin D3 or have too high a sugar intake, the shot won’t work.  Research has also shown that the two groups most at risk of developing serious complications from the flu, children and seniors, actually get little to no benefit from the flu shot.

Getting the flu, along with many other illness, has been linked to vitamin D deficiency.  Did you know that only 1.5 out of every 100 adults who get the flu shot will actually avoid developing the flu.  Only 2.7 out of every 100 adults develop the flu without getting a shot anyway.  Are you willing to risk the effects of the poisons going in your body with the flu shot for such low odds of it even helping?

Another fact about the flu shot is that it is developed from the circulating viral strains found in the year prior, so this years shot may work on last years flu if you go back in time, but it probably won’t work on the current flu virus.


If you want to avoid the flu, maybe you should consider supplementing with vitamin D3 during the winter months and get extra B vitamins.  Eat more organic fruits and vegetables, drink purified water, drink herbal tea, and get plenty of rest.  There are no deadly side effects to these solutions.


Choosing healthy living over dying 🙂

One thought on “Flu Shots, What You Should Know

  1. I was listening to NPR this morning and they were saying that it’s only effective 60% of the time. With all the stuff you point out and the what I’ve been reading in the Immunity Diet by Joel Furhman I think I’ve taken my LAST shot. It’s not worth it.

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