The End of Another Year!

As I was reflecting upon 2012 and everything that happened in my life, good and bad, I was struck by how many good memories I have over bad ones this year.  Yes, I underwent two more surgeries in 2012 (still have 2 drains in and it’s been over 4 weeks since the last one….ugh!) and there are ongoing aches and pains and side effects from treatments, but it’s amazing all the wonderful things that I did and saw as well.

The top of the list has to be my family trip to Europe.  My family spent 16 days traveling around Spain, France, Italy, and Greece.  To sum it up in one word…Breathtaking!  I look forward to more trips far from home in the future 🙂

Shorter, closer trips to home were also exciting in 2012.  I went with my family to the Florida Keys for the first time.  We visited Disney numerous times and were lucky enough to meet several different extended family members and friends there.  I spent many days at the beach breathing in the fresh air, taking walks, and just relaxing.

I bought and moved into a new house…thanks to my BFF who lives across the street and was persistent in talking up the neighborhood and convincing me to take a look at the house across the street.

I gained a new addition to the family.  A Yorkie puppy named Meeka who we all just adore.  She really is the best puppy ever!

I continued to get involved and strengthen relationships with other cancer survivors in the area.  I was involved in a book release project called the B “Pink” project.  I traveled to New Orleans for the annual Living Beyond Breast Cancer and Young Survival Coalition conference (2 days after I had an emergency surgery).  I also went to my first Relay for Life event.

I started walking with my neighbor in local 5K events which helps keep us healthy and benefits great local organizations at the same time.

I continued to kayak, walk, bike and exercise but also tried my hand at stand up paddle boarding and loved it.  Hopefully I will be getting a board soon 🙂

Over the winter I was able to see many of my husband’s family as my father-in-law rented a condo on the beach for several months and many of the in-laws came to visit.  We also had friends from New York, that came to visit us back in 2010 when we first moved to FL and fell in love with the area, complete their new house and move in only 15 minutes away!

My oldest daughter finished middle school (with all straight A’s), won several academic and band awards, started high school (yikes am I that old), and introduced us to a crazy season of marching band.

My youngest daughter continued to keep me busy with Irish dance, school events and friends, joining a diving team, and starting drum lessons (can you say stock in ear plugs).  She finished 5th grade (with straight A’s) and started her last year of Elementary School (boo hoo).

I completed my first full year of healthy eating and learned so much from fellow bloggers.  I started my blog in 2012 and hope to continue it for many years.

As I look ahead to 2013 I know that there will be challenges with another surgery and continuing health issues, but I also hope that it will be filled with more healthy living, more wonderful family memories, and more friend visits.  I look forward to teaching some classes on Healthy Eating and how it helps cure illness.  I am going to speak at the Relay for Life event.  I hope to find some rewarding part-time work in which I can make a little money and also help others.

When I go to bed tonight I will be grateful for everything good in my life, thankful that I will have a chance to make more memories in 2013, and pray that all of you face the New Year with health and happiness.

Choosing healthy living over dying 🙂


4 thoughts on “The End of Another Year!

  1. I have only recently found your blog, but am now a subscriber. I am also a cancer survivor (brain) and have also learned a lot about eating healthy and taking better care of myself and my family. May you and yours be blessed in 2013!

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