EFT Tapping –Have you heard of it?


EFT Tapping was talked about at the World Health Summit last month and I found it to be pretty interesting.  I had never heard of this technique before so after hearing about it I started doing a little more research into its benefits.

The Emotional Freedom Techniques are designed to help you relieve stress, anxiety and pain without using medications.  The techniques heal emotional problems quickly and gently by releasing the negative emotions that are the root of the problems and pain.  The EFT research shows that these techniques are highly effective and work faster than other methods such as traditional psychotherapy and are healthier than taking damaging medication.

EFT Tapping can also help with depression, grief, insomnia, phobias, eating disorders, and addictions as well as autoimmune disorders, IBS, fibromyalgia and cancer support.

The process is rather simple.  It allows you to focus on what is bothering you while tapping your fingertips on 10 acupuncture points (top of head, eyebrow, side of eye, under eye, under nose, chin (under lip), collarbone, tender spot, under arm, karate chop).  What I love is that it is like acupuncture but no needles are involved (hooray…I’m a needlephobe).

So how does it work you ask?  Well, you have to stay focused on the problem while you conduct the tapping.  Then come up with a phrase that will keep you focused, for example, “I have a burning pain in my right hip.”  Then come up with an affirmation of self-acceptance, for example, “Even though I am experiencing severe pain in my hip, I deeply and profoundly accept myself.”  Now, you are ready to begin the Tapping.  Start Tapping through the ten points while saying your reminder phrase.  Then repeat the Tapping on the ten points while continuing to state your reminder phrase.  You should start to feel a decrease in your pain and then you can repeat the steps using your affirmation of self-acceptance phrase.

When you start the tapping on the top of your head, use all of your fingers and just tap about 10 times while focusing on your issue.  When you move to the facial points (by the eyes, nose and chin) you can use 2 to 3 fingers on each point.  The collar-bone points are located just below the “knobs” at the end of the collar-bone.  Your tender spot is a few inches down and toward you side from your collar-bone (near the top of your chest).  The under arm point is just a few inches below your armpit.  Your karate chop point is on the pinky side of your hand where you would do a karate chop (hence the name).  Tap each of the spots about 10 times while focusing on your issue and then repeating your self-acceptance phrase.  Try this several times a day and see if you start to feel better.

The best part is that Tapping is easy, it is free, there are no chemical, mood altering drugs involved, and it works!  So give it a try.  What do you have to lose, other than the issue that is causing stress and pain?

Choosing healthy living over dying 🙂


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