Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days

WOW!  What a powerful documentary.


While I was listening to the Healing World Summit a while ago I learned about this program to reverse diabetes by eating raw food.  Since there is a strong family history of diabetes in my family and my sister has struggled with her diabetes for almost 25 years now, I was obviously interested and immediately sent away for the DVDs.  The movie describes how 6 individuals from around the country were chosen to live together and eat raw for 30 days to attempt to reverse their diabetes.  Within days, and I mean only 2 days for some, they stopped their insulin and many other medications for such things as high cholesterol and high blood pressure and were improving their health simply by eating living, raw foods.

The documentary is done very well.  One of the six “clients” dropped out, several struggled with staying on the diet and with being away from their family for the 30 days, but the results were none other than amazing.  Even the individuals with type I diabetes were able to completely get off insulin or decrease the amount  significantly (70 units per day to 5 units per day).


Once again we are reminded that if you want to thrive and live, you need to eat living foods.  If we keep eating dead, processed, cooked, and refined foods we will remain sick.  Not only did these individuals in the film cure their diabetes, they lost weight, got their blood pressure and cholesterol levels under control, and began to feel more energy and better both physically and emotionally.

The film does more than just show you how to cure your diabetes.  It takes you through the journey and describes how it may be difficult at first to get through the cravings for the food we are used to eating.  It describes the emotional roller coaster that is involved in changing your lifestyle.

I also received a 2 disc DVD set along with the film that helped outline how to get started on a raw food diet.  It included what to expect when you detox and cleanse your body and how to prepare raw foods.  It even had recipes and step by step instructions on preparing meals.  There are so many people involved in the films from movie actors (Woody Harrelson) to several medical doctors, raw food advocates, professional athletes, chefs, and authors.

I would highly recommend this film and DVDs to anyone that has struggled with health issues.  Get inspired to take control and change your eating and what you put in your body.  Let your food be your medicine and start to heal yourself.

Choosing healthy living over dying 🙂


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