Keep Eating Those Veggies Through The Holidays

I know that it is tough to eat healthy during the holidays.  Heck, it’s tough throughout the whole year when there are birthday parties, holidays, office get-together, cook outs, etc.  But if you try to eat some veggies throughout the day you will feel much better when you succumb to that holiday fruit cake.

Have a nice green smoothie or some fresh vegetable juice with your breakfast (better than the drive thru coffee loaded with cream and sugar).  Pack some hummus or nut cheese dip with celery, carrots, pepper slices, and snap peas for a snack at work.  Make a veggie wrap sandwich for lunch or pack a big salad.  Try a veggie nut burger for dinner or a veggie stir fry with brown rice or quinoa.

It takes a little effort but you can still eat healthy with all of the holiday treats lurking around every corner.  Check out this helpful website that shows a list of vegetables with their nutrition facts and health benefits.

Don’t forget your cruciferous vegetables that have vitamins, minerals, fiber and disease-fighting phytochemicals in them.  They are a healthy present all wrapped up for you this holiday season.  Broccoli, kale, cauliflower, cabbage, brussel sprouts, and bok choy all lower your cancer risk, reduce oxidative stress (and the holidays can sure become stressful), and lower your risk for cardiovascular disease.

So, while a new ipad mini or iphone 5 may be on your wish list, and baking 10 dozen cookies is on your to do list, don’t forget to add “eat more veggies” to your better health list, because really, is there anything more important than good health?

Choosing healthy living over dying 🙂


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