Food Combining

I have been hearing a lot of buzz lately about food combining and decided to do a quick blog outlining the basic principles of food combining and why it is good for you.  I find it rather interesting and am always looking at the best ways to boost my nutrient absorption and get the most benefit out of what I eat.

Basically food combining outlines the best food combinations for you to be kind to your digestive system and properly assimilate all the essential nutrients that your body needs.

Why do this?  Well, research shows that certain foods eaten together, or apart, can lead to better digestion which in turn leads to better health.  It can also help you maintain or lose weight when you eat the proper food pairs and avoid the wrong food combinations.

Food combining can lead to clearer skin, brighter eyes, clearer thinking, less bad breath and longer life.

Our stomach uses different enzymes for digestion based on the different foods we eat.  Carbohydrates use alkaline juices to break down the food while proteins use acidic juices.  The theory is that if eaten together the different juices are functioning simultaneously and therefore neutralizing the effect of each other.  This is not good for digestion.  Food particles that are not properly digested can stay in the intestinal tract and over time ferment and putrefy leading to health problems such as constipation, bloating, heartburn, and irritable bowel syndrome.

With proper food combining you will have more energy and recover from sickness and disease quicker, as well as avoid unnecessary health problems.

Now here’s the hard part, implementing it.  We all probably grew up eating meat and potatoes or a piece of fruit with a sandwich.  According to proper food combining we sort of had it all wrong.  Fruits should be eaten by themselves and you should allow at least 30 minutes before eating a different type of food.  You shouldn’t eat proteins and starches together but can combine either with a vegetable.  You should also not eat more than one protein food per meal.

Here is a visual of some good food combinations.

To maximize your bodies digestion and improve you health, try to be aware of not only what you are putting in your mouth (put down that Twinkie), but also what food combinations you are eating.

Choosing healthy living over dying 🙂


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