Eating Healthy is a Lot of Work!

We live in a society where we want everything NOW.  The easier, the faster, the better, right?  Why do you think fast food was invented?  Drive thru pharmacies, liquor stores, and banks are everywhere.  Cooking dinner every night is a thing of the past and take-out or prepackaged foods the norm.  We drive fast on expressways and ship packages overnight.  So with all these speedy conveniences why do we still feel like we never have time to relax, eat healthy, and breathe?

If you are wanting to start on a journey of eating better, and healthier there are simple ways to start.  You don’t have to become a salt free, sugar-free, caffeine free, alcohol free, raw, organic vegan all overnight, or even in a matter of weeks.  It may take months or years to get to a point where you feel really healthy, happy and satisfied with the way you are caring for your body.

Is eating healthy a lot of work?  Yes and no.  It does take a lot of energy and effort especially in the beginning because you have to train not only your body but also your mind to believe in what you are doing and know that it is right for you.  You have to take the time to research and learn about the foods you eat and how everything will affect your body, good and bad.  You experiment and see what your body will tolerate and be patient as it changes.  After all, like in my case, the cancer didn’t appear overnight, so how do I think I can get rid of it and avoid it in the future with an overnight solution.

But it doesn’t have to be difficult to eat healthy.  I personally started with baby steps.  I began drinking green smoothies twice a day.  I added more vegetables and less meat and dairy into my diet.  I looked at the amounts of processed foods and sugar that I was consuming and started cutting back.  Once you take the first step it becomes easier and easier to keep climbing.  You set a goal and you move forward.

Everyone may have different reasons for wanting to start to live a healthier life but the end goal is usually the same….you aren’t ready or willing to die.  I heard a fact today that 70% of all premature deaths are due to things that we have control over and that don’t have to happen.  Alcohol, tobacco and poor diet are leading to early deaths.  Don’t you want to live longer and feel better?

These pictures of my daughter make me smile.  Yes, she is a child like other children that loves sweets and candy, but what is changing is that she is eating salads and better foods because she sees her mother doing it and talking about it and living it…not just preaching it.  As a mother this makes me happy knowing that she will have the foundation to eat healthier and make healthier choices for her future.

Make a little change.  Just one.  Start slow.  There is no hurry.  Yes, eating healthy is a lot of work, but it is sooooooo worth it.

Choosing healthy living over dying 🙂


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