IGF-1 Your Health and Cancer

Before I begin the IGF-1 blog I want to remind everyone that they only have a few more days to enter the cookbook give away.  Click on the contest page at the top and enter 🙂

IGF-1 stands for Insulin Like Growth Factor.  When we were children our levels of growth hormone were increased.  As adults those levels are supposed to decline since we are not still growing.  We, as adults, have approximately 50 billion cells die in our bodies every day and we grow approximately 50 billion new ones each day.  It’s a great balance.  However, when our IGF-1 levels are high and continue to grow, the extra growth could turn into tumors.

IGF-1 becomes a cancer promoting hormone when we eat animal protein in which the relative ratios of amino acids more closely resemble our own and therefore the liver sends out more IGF-1 and tells the cells to divide like crazy.  Plant based protein on the other hand breaks down into the essential aminos our body needs and develops less cancer causing cell growth.

Eating a low-fat, high fiber diet for only 12 days shows that your blood can be a killing machine for cancer cells.  Go back to the animal based diet and your blood becomes sluggish in killing off the cancer cells.  Lower IGF-1 is related to reversing cancer cell growth.  One step further, the research shows that those eating a vegan diet had significantly lower IGF-1 levels than those eating just a vegetarian diet.

This is showing yet one more example of how manipulating our diet can switch on and off gene suppression.  Is eating that steak, those ribs, that chocolate dipped bacon on a stick really worth it?

Choosing healthy living over dying 🙂


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