Inspirational Quote of the Day

“If you fall down seven times….get up eight!” …..chinese proverb

Some days it is harder to feel positive and move forward when it seems like life keeps pushing you backward.  I try to soak up some sun (no matter how cold it is outside), remind myself that I’m breathing (and that’s a good thing), and be thankful that I have another day to accomplish whatever I need to get done, but I too get discouraged at moments.

I just received news that a friend’s cancer has returned and the news brings forth so many fears, not just for her and her family but for myself and all the other “cancer chicks” that I have grown to know and love. My first instinct is to research, find out some way to help, make healthy food, pray….find something to cling to that will be positive.  This quote just happened to be in a book I was looking at and I thought it was perfect because this woman is a fighter.  This is not her first reoccurrence, although it may be harder to deal with, and I know she will fall down but get right back up again and fight.

So, if you are facing a battle, struggling with an issue, feeling like you have fallen down…again!  Get back up.  Make sure that you always get up more than you get knocked down because even through tough times, life really is (as the T-shirt says) good!

Choosing healthy living over dying 🙂


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