Which Is Better For Your Health: Diet or Exercise?

There is no denying that diet and exercise are both good for you.  We know that if we want to be healthy we can’t lead a sedentary lifestyle and we can’t chow down on high fat, sugary foods.  But, which one do you think does more good for our overall health?

Studies have been done on this topic all over the world, and reading through them makes my head spin.  Some in Europe say that exercise is the most important and diet really doesn’t influence your health at all (hard for me to believe that one).  Other studies say they are equally important.

The one that I found most interesting was reported last month by Dr. Michael Greger (who, by the way, is an awesome author, physician, and professional speaker).  He reports on a study entitled “Effects of a Low-Fat, High-Fiber Diet and Exercice Program on Breast Cancer Risk Factors In Vivo and Tumor Cell Growth and Apoptosis In Vitro.” Basically the study looked at three groups; a control group that ate what they wanted and didn’t exercise (the couch potato group), a group that ate a plant-based diet and did moderate exercise, and a third group that did strenuous exercise but ate the Standard American Diet.  They followed these groups for 14 years!

They put the blood of the participants into petri dishes rampant with cancer cells and found that the control group blood did not stop the cancer cells from growing.  The exercise only group’s blood was killing the cancer cells left and right but it was the group that had the plant-based diet that killed the cancer cells the most (nearly double of the exercise only group).  It showed that even 5,000 hours of strenuous exercise in the gym, although better than doing nothing, still isn’t even close to the benefits of eating a plant-based diet for killing cancer cells.

So, we all know that lack of exercise and eating poorly are a bad combination for our health, but eating poorly with the mindset that it’s ok because you exercise and even maintain a healthy weight is also impairing our health.  We need to eat healthy to be as healthy as we can be.  So go grab a green smoothie and take a walk around the block…you might just grow to enjoy it and some day it may save your life.

Choosing healthy living over dying 🙂


6 thoughts on “Which Is Better For Your Health: Diet or Exercise?

  1. That makes sense! Thanks for doing the research. There is just SO much out there, and a lot of it hokum. Another piece that supports this is Dr William Li, ‘Eat to starve cancer’ on TED talks.

  2. I love the videos that Dr. Greger puts out. I have learned so much!! It is because of him that I went vegan. What surprises me the most is how EASY it has been. I have smoothies and chia pudding and big salads using all types of greens. I’ve also added whole soy products to my diet based upon his videos (ER+ survivor)

  3. I agree completely! Even for weight loss and general health, I think what we eat is the biggest issue. Thanks for confirming my gut feeling! 😀

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