I LOVE SMOOTHIES!  I start every day with a smoothie and end every day with a smoothie.  If I miss one in the morning, I feel “off” all day long.  Smoothies are so refreshing and healthy and there are billions of different delicious combinations that you can make.

Typically I make my daily smoothies with filtered water, spinach, kale, and an apple and then I start throwing in whatever else sounds good.  Some days it’s a banana and frozen pineapple, other days it’s blueberries, raspberries and frozen strawberries.  If I need more greens I add half a cucumber or some celery and an avocado.  I just feel great after I’ve enjoyed a smoothie.

Lately, I have been looking at some more “non typical” smoothies and wanted to share some of the great combinations I have come across.  Try some of them out and let me know if you have some other great smoothie recipes.

-grape, apple, ginger, blackberry

-mango, spinach, vanilla almond milk, banana, avocado

-grapefruit, carrot, pear, ginger

-banana, avocado, almond butter, maca, strawberry, blueberry

-kale, swiss chard, carrot, apple, raspberry

-banana, orange, kiwi, spinach

-blueberry, chia seed, coconut water, celery, banana, lemon juice

-frozen banana, dates, almonds, peaches, cinnamon, almond milk

-watermelon, mint, grape

-fig, date, orange

-spinach, raspberry, cashew, date, cacao powder, coconut water, vanilla

Most of my smoothies I add filtered water to but you can use almond or soy milk, coconut water or ice cubes.  Try cutting up and freezing some of the fruit first for a frozen smoothie.  Add spices and nuts for more flavor to any smoothie.  Avocado and bananas make them creamier.  I usually throw in a handful of spinach even to my fruit smoothies to add more nutrients.

You really can’t go to wrong with different combinations.  If it doesn’t taste right, add more fruit and it will sweeten up and be delicious.  Once you start drinking them regularly you will hopefully start to add more veggies and less fruit.  The beautiful dark green colored smoothies are just screaming health and nutrition.  So cheers….bottoms up!

Choosing healthy living over dying 🙂


2 thoughts on “Smoothies

  1. I love your smoothie ideas, and your daily posts! 🙂 My fav smoothie I drink daily is organic spinach, organic kale, organic parsley, banana, organic apple, organic carrot, organic celery, ginger, frozen mango, frozen pineapple and avocado with a little bit of ice. I feel sooooooo good drinking it and my husband does too! I also sometimes add organic strawberries, raspberries, organic pears, or oranges also. 🙂

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