Leafy Greens

Time and time again I am reminded of how incredible leafy green vegetables are for good health.  Every time I research an illness or disorder I can find a story of how a plant-based diet, and specifically leafy greens, can help improve or cure it.  I watched a video interview today with Dr. Sherrill Sellman talking about breast cancer and it was mentioned that you can actually change the make up of your genes by changing your lifestyle and eating habits.  Wow, that’s big!

When I talk to people about changing their diet and eating a plant-based diet I tell them to start slow and begin with drinking a green smoothie every day and eating a salad every day.  It is amazing how such a simple thing can make you start feeling better.  Baby steps…..start out slow and eventually you will stop the meat and dairy, stop the sugar, stop the processed foods.

Just look at all the amazing vitamins and nutrients we get from eating leafy greens.  We are living and we should eat living foods.  Not only are they good for you, they have very low calories and there are sooooo many ways to enjoy them.  I find that if they are in your kitchen, you will eat them.  Make sure you buy at least three types of greens each shopping trip and put them on your sandwich, in your soup, in your smoothie, in your dehydrator and make chips, in your pasta sauce, on your pizza, or just make a big salad with them.

Green leaves store the most nutrition of anything in the world!

Healthy living isn’t a saying, it is a life style.  You know smoking isn’t good for you, so you don’t do it.  You know walking into traffic isn’t good for you, so you don’t do it.  You know that eating meat and dairy aren’t good for you…..so why?  Why do you do it?

Choosing healthy living over dying 🙂


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