A Pilgrimage

Cancer is a journey.  It has many ups and downs.  Many good days and many bad days.  For the cancer patient, as well as the supporters, cancer brings up memories of the past, and hopes for the future.  The journey is never-ending once you have been diagnosed with cancer.  You change.  Physically, mentally and emotionally.

I have been reading a book titled, “The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry” and would highly recommend it to anyone.  Whether you are on a journey yourself or feel stuck in the day-to-day.  It is an inspiring book that helps you look at your past and stop taking for granted everything around you that you may not notice on a daily basis.  It helps you accept what has been done but inspires you to move on as a better person.

As quoted from the book, “A novel of unsentimental charm, humor, and profound insight into the thoughts and feelings we all bury deep within our hearts.”

So while I may not have the most money, the biggest house, the newest car, and I may have made many stupid mistakes and missed out on paths I should have taken, I find I have more than what I need and it is not too late to have hope and faith that better days are still ahead, there is ultimately goodness in people and I will keep raging toward good health and helping others to keep living too.

While Harold Fry keeps walking to keep his friend alive, I too keep walking.  Here’s a picture of me and my friend going to our latest 5K.   The Witch Way 5K (a Halloween themed 5K….we were the happiest fairies out there).

Thank you Kelly for keeping me walking and Chris for always keeping me going no matter what the journey throws at me.

Choosing healthy living over dying 🙂


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