Dehydrated Snacks

So I finally bought a dehydrator and have been having fun making all kinds of snacks.  It’s not a large, expensive, industrial dehydrator, but it does the trick.  I started out with pineapple, apple, banana, kiwi, and mango.  Better than candy!  It’s amazing how sweet dried fruit is and no added sugar….that’s the best part.

After doing lots of fruit, because we kept eating it up so fast, I decided to experiment with some crackers.  I made seed crackers by simply mixing 1/3 cup chia seeds, 1/3 cup flax seeds, and 1/3 cup sesame seeds in about 1 cup water and letting them soak for a while.  Then I added some dashes of liquid aminos (like soy sauce) and a little onion powder and garlic powder to taste.  I spread it into rectangle shapes onto the trays and then after dehydrating them, broke them into pieces.  They were perfect with my sun-dried tomato humus.  I have found several cracker recipes that add other seeds like pumpkin seeds and different spices like cumin and paprika.  I can’t wait to experiment some more.

A friend sent me a recipe for eggplant “bacon” that you marinate and dehydrate…that’s my next project.

If you have any good dehydrator tips or recipes please feel free to share.

Choosing healthy living over dying 🙂


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