Where Do You Get Your Protein?

As Americans we assume that we have to eat meat to get our protein.  If our kids don’t eat a lot of meat we feed them a lot of eggs or peanut butter.  They have to get their protein to grow big and strong and surely vegetables aren’t going to make it happen…right?  Well, Popeye would beg to differ and so would I.  The meat industry leads us to believe that we have to eat meat with our meals to get our protein just like the dairy industry makes us believe that milk is the best way to get our calcium.

It’s just not true.   Take a look at this chart and see that all 10 of the veggies listed have more protein than eggs.  Seven of the ten veggies have more protein than chicken and six out of 10 have more protein than beef.

Yes, there is even less protein in most nuts than in some vegetables, but, in all fairness, you do have to eat a lot more veggies than nuts and meat to get a healthy serving of protein because veggies are so low in calorie density.  But they also have a ton of vitamins, minerals and other important nutrients and once you start loading up on them with every meal you get sufficient amounts.

Start consuming the list of veggies every day and you won’t need the eggs, chicken and beef any more.  Make a salad for lunch each day.  Put spinach and kale in your smoothie in the morning.  Eat some raw veggies with humus as a snack.  Put veggies in your soup or a stir fry rather than meat.  Add some nuts too and get even more protein.  Vegetarians and Vegans have existed for a long time without eating meat for their protein.  Go ahead….go meatless!

Choosing healthy living over dying 🙂


8 thoughts on “Where Do You Get Your Protein?

    • I ask the people at my local market for organic kale almost every time I go in the store and finally I went in one day and they had it! The other two markets still carry kale but not organic. Sometimes when they are out it gives me the push to remember to add swiss chard and some other leafy greens to my diet…so it’s all good…but I still love my kale each moring in my smoothie 🙂 Ask at the store when it’s not there….over and over…until the get sick of seeing you and hearing about kale and then they will order it.

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