Thoughtful Thursday

The Standard American Diet causes so many digestive and health problems and rather than look at the cause, most people spend lots of money on medications to treat the symptoms.  Once you start eating more fruits and vegetables you really get a sense for what takes place inside your body and how it affects your health on a daily basis.

While Eastern medicine strongly believes that digestion is a cornerstone of health and daily bowel movements are one of the indicators of good health, modern doctors consider two a week to be acceptable. Basically, most doctors are not concerned that you carry around a bag of toxic waste that gets re-absorbed into your blood stream five days out of seven.

In Chinese medicine, fewer than one bowel movement a day is considered constipation and requires serious attention. Unsupervised and untreated, it can lead to fatigue, unhealthy skin color, bad breath and headaches, in addition to general uneasiness in the stomach area.

Nobody really likes to talk about their bowel movements with others, so I’m taking the opportunity to show you a chart and give you the information you may be too embarrassed to ask.

There are many people I know that do coffee enemas and cleanse their colons on a daily basis.  While I have not joined the ranks yet on this one, I do know that my raw, vegan eating has led to extreme regularity in this area and my body loves me for it.


Choosing healthy living over dying 🙂


2 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursday

  1. This is great and so true that no one like to talk about it. Great explanation. I even shared this with my 15 yr old son. I was expecting a comment, like I’m weird, but that didn’t happen. He was just as interested as I was.

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