Chemo hair progression







Hair today……gone tomorrow!

Well, by request, here is a brief hair chronicle.  Believe it or not the first picture is 4 months AFTER my last chemotherapy.  Most people at this point have a full head of hair…or at least enough to not still look like a cancer patient.  I must say, however, that I did have radiation for 2 months after chemo and I was on Herceptin infusions for a full year (8 months after chemo ended) which makes everything grow back very slow!  I didn’t really miss my hair that much when I was bald.  At least not the hair on my legs and head (did miss the eyebrows and eyelashes). But I have been frustrated with the slow hair growth lately.  After 17 months I just feel like enough is enough.  I look at my oldest daughter who is 13 and has thick curly hair and ohhh hair envy sets in 🙂

Being bald was an experience all of its own.  When you are bald you get a lot of looks, stares and then the barrage of strangers coming up to you asking about your cancer, telling you that their mother/sister/aunt/neighbor/etc. went through cancer treatments, or just saying kind words or that they will pray for you. This is actually very humbling.  Funny though how being bald is also an automatic invitation for people to tell you about their cancer experience and sometimes they are not always uplifting stories that you want to hear.  If I only had a nickel for each time someone told me that their cousin/grandmother/sister/friend/etc. died of cancer.  Suggestion to all of you out there without cancer, don’t tell someone with cancer a story that ends in death.  Not a real pick me up.

I’m still going to keep my hats (never liked wigs or scarfs), they still come in handy when I’m having a bad hair day.


Choosing healthy living over dying 🙂


9 thoughts on “Chemo hair progression

  1. You look fabulous! :0) I am happy to hear you say you can now have a “bad hair day”! I will never forget shaving your head…and I will always be praying for you…bald or not, sick or healthy, near or far away. I love you!

  2. thanks for posting, I truly love your positivity. Try using some jojoba oil with rosemary mixed in on your hair if it’s a bit dry. The jojoba & rosemary will encourage faster regrowth (so does carrot oil). If you don’t want to put oil on your hair try going to the ethnic section of hair products because most of those products are more natural & also focused on conditioning & regrowth. Let me know if you try it & it works for you. ❤ all the best, Jes

  3. I think you look awesome! I love this blog. Spoken with the exact words a survivor can relate to. You are an inspiration to all of us.

  4. Thanks for posting the pictures. I have just completed my 6th Chemo and was wondering about the hair re growth. I am impressed with how wonderfully healthy you look after all you went through. I too have the experience of people introducing themselves around the baldness. It seems that the people who do this are either proud survivors (the last one was an 11 year survivor) or a person traumatized by the ordeal of their loved one – especially if it ended badly. I’ve been following your posts and enjoy them very much. I value your positive and healthy approach. I love your suggestions and ideas. Thank you very much.

    • Glad to hear your getting through the chemo…keep on fighting! Remember the effects of chemo last a very long time and to help your body get rid of the toxins and heal you need to keep up with good nutrition. Stay positive. Life is a miracle worth living 🙂

  5. For most men, hair loss is a natural process that, unfortunately, goes with the territory.

    No more spending thirty minutes every day to make sure your hair is perfectly right or flipping through
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