A Healthy Hello to Everyone!

Welcome to my Healthy Cancer Chick Blog.  I am excited and passionate about healthy living since being diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2011 and I am ready to tell my tale to those of you who choose to listen.  I have a tremendous amount of research and insight into topics such as raw and whole foods, exercise, supplements, alternative treatments and ways that a healthy lifestyle can prevent or fight disease.  I am going to share some healthy and delicious recipes on a regular basis, cover many healthy topics in my Blog and provide resources for those of you interested in doing more research on your own.  You can also read about my journey with “the big C” and hopefully it will inspire you to get fired up, pumped, “juiced” (pardon the pun) to get up, get moving, get healthy and get happy!

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Choosing healthy living over dying 🙂


2 thoughts on “A Healthy Hello to Everyone!

  1. Kristen – Thank you for sharing your story and your recipes – I look forward to trying them! You are truly an inspiration for all of us!!

  2. Hey Kristen! You are awesome!
    Thank you for sharing your experience and insight. I really appreciate the recipes! I,too, have chosen a healthier and more focused eating since cancer and I am always looking for some “tested” vegan recipes.
    I wish you all the blessings of a beautiful life.

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